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Our Insurance Agency in Florida offers a full array of affordably priced products to serve the financial interests of our customers. We want to work with you to ensure your financial protection. We work with the most trusted providers in the industry to bring you the best insurance coverages at competitive rates.

We are pleased to announce that, after extensive research and preparation, we’ve formed a relationship with Platinum Peak Advisors, LLC, an experienced and extremely capable financial planning firm that shares our values and commitment to excellence. They provide comprehensive financial planning services, including personal insurance (life, disability and long term care), investments, estate planning and corporate benefits that can help you prepare for the future and to help achieve your financial goals. Platinum Peak Advisors has robust expertise in creating and implementing financial strategies with business owners and professionals of all types. More information can be found at

We would be pleased to arrange for a confidential, complimentary first meeting with Platinum Peak Advisors at your convenience.

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Employer Sponsored Benefits

Employer Sponsored Benefits plans are benefits that an employer offers for the benefit of his/her employees at no or a relatively low cost to the employees.

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Individual Benefits

If you are self-employed, between jobs or retired, there is a perfect healthcare package of individual benefits available for you and your family. Call us and schedule an appointment today!

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Life Insurance

Have the peace of mind that when you pass on, the people you care will be taken care off. We can help you today.

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Health Insurance

We offer individual health insurance plans from the leading carriers nationwide. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

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Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance or Disability Income Insurance is a form of insurance that insures the beneficiary’s earned income against the risk that a disability creates a barrier for a worker to complete the core functions of their work.

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Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Health Insurance is designed to cover long-term services and supports, including personal and custodial care in a variety of settings such as your home, a community organization, or other facilities.

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Retirement Planning

To live well in retirement, you no longer can rely solely on a company pension plan or Social Security. Instead, you will have to depend on how skillfully you plan and invest, and whether you make good use of tax-advantaged savings plans such as 401(k)s and IRAs.